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by theutaji
Jobscreed is the best jobs and insurance information Portal. Informing The World about the latest job listing and insurance packages!
CREATED: Jobscreed  Was Created On  6th May, 2022 And Launched On 12th of May 2022. It Started Motivating and drawing People’s attention All Over The World!. Jobscreed is the chronicle of Nigerian and African celebrities, giving updates on latest information and development in worldwide Jobs listings and insurance types.
OWNERSHIP: Jobscreed Is Managed and Owned By Peter Abah popularly known as Simi. Contact us by
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering new and update Content to our worldwide audience.. Jobscreed covers almost all Faces of Life life changing articles that will be beneficial to all readers on our blog.

Our Goal

Our goal  is to collect information from all the available sources, and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner. As a result, we provide high quality, reliable and affordable information related to different spheres of people’s lives, including culture, education, technology and etc., for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity.

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